Photowalk – Eagle Lake Park & More

I just got back from my walk around Eagle Lake Park and the Florida Botanical Gardens up in Largo. I got a couple of pictures that I liked out of it. Maybe two keepers out of almost a hundred photos. I just finished up working with them in Lightroom and Photoshop. They are of course tweaked from the RAW images from the camera.

This one is from Eagle Lake Park. I kept it because I like the lighting and I thought the sky would turn out great after converting to black and white.


This is from the Rose Garden at the Florida Botanical Gardens. I liekd the framing with the gazebo and its shadow mostly. Once again converted to black and white.


This photo is also from the Botanical Gardens on the bridge going over towards the Welcome Center. I may have overdone the contrast a little bit.


You can click through for the photos on Flickr if interested. I have added the locations to all the photos from .gpx tracklog so you can see where they were taken pretty accurately as well.

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