GPS Metadata in Lightroom Using .gpx

My go to camera doesn’t have a built in gps so how do I get location information in my photos? Here are the tools and steps I use to add that information.

The first thing you need is an app for your cellphone that outputs in .gpx format. For this I use Ultra GPS Logger on my Nexus 4. I create the tracklog and then export it out to Dropbox for easy sharing to my desktop computer. Beware though it will drain your phone’s battery pretty quick!

The next step is to import the .gpx tracklog into Lightroom.
First go into the Map tab in Lightroom.
Lightroom Map Tab

Next select the menu shown here:
Tracklog Menu

From that menu hit “Load Tracklog…”. From there navigate to where ever you saved your tracklog. And hit “Open”. It should look a little something like this:
File Dialog

Once the tracklog has been loaded it should look a little something like this:
Lightroom Map Tracklog

The next thing to do is select your photos that you want to place on the track and then go back to the tracklog menu that you used in the above step. From there its as simple as selecting “Auto-tag Selected Photos” in the menu and Lightroom will automatically match the photos with the location on the track by the time the photo was taken.

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