Safety Harbor

My group was up in Safety Harbor tonight. I don’t usually go to meet ups on work nights but this sounded like it might be fun. I braved the mud and gnats to get a couple of these shots by going down into the sand since the tide was out.


This first one is from the fountain near the pier we were at. I managed to get the fountain backlit by the setting sun. The way the water jets came out was interesting and unforeseen by me while I was there.


This one of the shots from down in the mud. I warmed the photo up a bit to try and get some interesting colors. The reflections of the cloud in the little bit of standing water there came out quite nice I think.


This last one was also from the mud. but a bit earlier than the previous shot. The sky came out great in my opinion after applying a red filter in Photoshop.

As always you can click on through to see them on Flickr and check out the full size shots. You can also view them on the map in photostream. Thanks!

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