Forgotten Battery

I went out on a hike with a coworker of mine today and it was probably the most beautiful hike I’ve been on so far on the island. So guess what? I forgot to load the battery in my camera and missed out on all the great photos.

We took Tessa and she had two dogs with her. Since it was out in the wilderness my friend convinced me to try Tessa without the harness and let her walk without the leash at all. Wow what a difference it made. Tessa followed me or my coworker the whole way back and kept up the whole time. Now I have a very worn out papillon on my hands.

Here is the map of the walk. Unfortunately I forgot to stop the track at the end of the walk and it caught a little bit of the drive back so it isn’t 100% accurate.

Total distance: 7.07 mi
Total Time: 04:00:21

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