Been A Long Time

I haven’t updated this in quite a while for various reasons. Between laziness, Alaskan weather, and some personal issues I haven’t been getting out to shoot too much lately.

A week or so ago I got a Sony A6000 camera and I have been playing around with it while I’ve been stuck indoors. Here are some shots of Tessa and some other stuff:



I got the Sony 30mm F3.5 Macro lens which is a ton of fun to mess with. I’m thinking of maybe building a light box for interesting macro photos. It might make a good winter project.

Here is a tactical watch that has tritium vials for the glow in the dark hands.

Finally here is a Canadian Dime:

I am very impressed with the quality of the lenses and the camera in general. It isn’t a very expensive interchangeable lens camera kit and it is capable of excellent quality shots.

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