Burma Road

Taking advantage of any decent weather here in Kodiak is paramount to fighting cabin fever I guess. Yesterday Tessa and I went on a long hike with some friends and their dogs along the trail known as Burma Road. It was a pretty nice trail and fairly scenic. The trail goes in between Old Women’s Mountain and Barometer Mountain for around 6.5 miles. We had a nice low cloud deck which made for some awesome landscape photos of the mountains.

This was at the start of the trail looking towards Pyramid Mountain:

Here we in between the ridges of Barometer and Old Women’s:

This is one of the streams that crosses the trail. It was some really cold water running off from snowmelt.

Looking back at one of the mountains along the trail.

And of course I had to get one of Tessa:

I haven’t done this in a while so here is the GPS track of the hike:

Total distance: 6.45 mi
Total Time: 02:47:53

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