Hello! My name is Andrew Petersen and I’m an amateur photographer living in Kodiak, AK for now.

This blog is mostly going to be for my photos and photography related stuff.


  1. George Sackett says:

    Stumbled across your pics of Attu. re the pic of the entrance to the tunnel, in 1980 theewere two tunnel entrances opposite each other. One was rather short perhaps 50 yards with material hadleing equipment in it and what appeared to be a elevator from the bottom going towards the top of the tunnel and perhaps beyond.. However we never found an opening top side. The other tunnel was longer and flooded.. we never worked up the courage to try to nevigate it. From old drawings I saw at the time there was a main tunnel which ran under the mountain and had several tunnel branches. The main enterance had been blown shut at some point and we were essentailly looking at the back door of the tunnel which is the area you pic also shows. Since we never entered the larger tunnel I can not confirm or deny what may have been in its recesses. In 1980 we did not have ATVs and did all our exploring on foot..We had approached the tunnels over ridge and dropping down to the tunnels. We walked out the trail your pic depicted.

    I was a member of the USCG Crew at the Loran Station on Massacre Bay.

    • Andy says:

      Thanks for the interesting story. I had only heard the story about the tunnel as hearsay and in the various warnings from the command on where not to go. Most of us there weren’t daring enough to try to get into those places. Now that unit has been shut down I wish I had done more exploring since I’ll probably never get out there again.

      • George Sackett says:

        We did a lot of that sort of thing when I was there. We went camping, did illegal stuff I would not want fin and feather to hear about. I fell down a cliff, had a snow bridge collapse under the snow cat I was driving, got scars from that one. Almost killed myself and a crew member with bullet ricochets, CO sent me out to investigate a possible mine one of the crew had found because I was prior army and at least had a basic class in it. I was always finding artillery shells..stumbled around in the antenna field at night during 100 MPH whiteout trying to find an antenna that had fallen and get it back up.. Someone, a crew member, took potshots at the CO and the chiefs..All in all it was a long tour and I wanted to go home..but it did for sure have its moments of excitement and adventure.

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