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June Photos

Here are some of the highlights from a busy month of June.

First off here are some photos from Barrow, AK.
Beach Ice

On the Ice

From a hike on the Anton Larsen Loop Trail:
Lone Tree

Chocolate Lily


Pyramid Mountain

Macro photos at Fort Abercrombie:



Time To Play Catch Up Again

Once again I’ve let the blog languish without updates for way too long (over two months!) So here are some of the photo highlights to get all caught up.

Tessa watching the water splash out at Fossil Beach (May 2nd 2015)

The field by Fossil Beach (May 2nd 2015)

Buskin River (May 10 2015)
River Crossing

Bunker near Fossil Beach (May 25th 2015)
Dandelion Bunker
This was taken three weeks after the ones above. Amazing how quick it turns green around here.

Yellow Anemone (May 30th 2015)
Yellow Anemone

Shooting Star (May 30th 2015)
Shooting Star

There that takes care of the month of May. I’ll put together a couple more updates for June and July.

Long Exposures and Auroras

Last week I went out with the tripod and took some long exposure high dynamic range photos up on Anton Larson Road.




That very same night I went and got a shot at the Aurora for the first time. These are my first photos of the Aurora ever:




Still a few more updates to come but I’m almost all caught up.

Finally Update

I always seem to let this site slip with updating on Facebook and Flickr. So here are some photos from recent walks.

Tessa and I have been walking to nearby parks a few times a week lately. I’ve been taking either my Sony A6000 or the Nikon D610 and their lenses with me while we wander around. It has been getting nicer and nicer here lately although still cold it hasn’t been raining too much lately. Anyway time to start off with the photos.

These photos were from our walk down to Spruce Cape. I used the Nikon D610 and the Nikkor 20-35mm f/2.8D lens for these.

Setting Sun


Tessa on Ice

Bonus Tessa Picture:

I have a lot more to post so I’ll have to update a few more times before catching up.

Newer Landscapes

Once again it has been a while since my last update. Here are some of my latest photos from out hiking around Kodiak.

The first couple are from off of the Termination Point trail by Monashka Bay with the Sony A6000.


The next couple are from the trail on Kasheveroff Mountain with the A6000.


And these two are from the trail at the end of Anton Larson. This time they were taken with my newest baby the Nikon D610. Yeah I bought a new camera.



I might post some of the dog photos I’ve taken recently as well.

Carillon Bell Tower

I went to a meetup today for the first time in a long time. We went to the Carillon Center in Clearwater or St. Petersburg. I’m not exactly sure what city it was in.

First shot of the meet up for me. Turned into a well lit shot with great shadows and an awesome sun star.

The tower itself. Went for the nice reflection in the water and toned the sky down some.

Finally a fairly rare bird shot for me. I believe this is a lesser blue heron.

Weedon Island Sunset

I went out with a friend over to Weedon Island for a sunset shoot. We had a good time even though the sunset was a bit dull. It wasn’t until after the sunset that we got any keepers.

From the observation tower. I was mostly trying to get the water with the moon in the shot.

I also tried out some silhouette shots too. I like this one with the plants in focus and the moon in the background blurred.

Robinson Preserve

I finally got out and took some pictures after a few week of lethargy. Today’s camera was the Nikon 1 J2 with the 18.5mm f/1.8 lens. I hadn’t used it in a while and figured I’d give it a shot again and see how it would work out for me. I left a little too late to get in on the early morning light but I made do.

This was taken looking down from the second floor of the observation tower at the boardwalk going into it. I processed it in Silver Efex Pro and Lightroom.

Here is the observation tower itself. I tried it out in color and wow the sky turned out way too blue so again I ran it through Silver Efex with the underexposure preset to tone everything down a bit.

And lastly here is a butterfly that I happened to capture. I wish I had a macro lens.

More Attu Photos and a Story

So it is a rainy morning here in Florida and I figured I can get another Attu post up on here.

It was a beautiful sunny day up there in the middle of July when we decided to take a trip up to Chichagof Harbor. Chichagof was a base for the Japanese in World War II and there is a ton of stuff left over up there. The big problem is getting out there to see it. There aren’t a whole lot of roads on the island and they ended up at the memorial and after that there isn’t much but a couple of tire tracks in the long grass. Our only off road vehicles were Kawasaki Mules which normally could handle a bit of off-roading.

We left fairly early because it would be a long trip out there and back, probably something like 8 hours total. Once you get out past the Peaceful River valley and up into the mountains the views were incredible.

Looking back towards the LORAN Station thourgh the Peaceful River Valley.

There was no shortage of interesting sights with a lot of left overs from when the island was an Army and Navy base.


There were rumors that this was a tunnel filled with earthmoving equipment and other vehicles that the Army or Navy blasted the ends shut.

For the short summer months everything went green and there were tons of wildflowers in bloom.

One of the many rivers we had to try to cross.

This lake was as far as we got. The Mule I was riding in was actually only working in one wheel drive we found by this point. The obstacles ended up getting much worse after this pond with many more streams to cross and it just wasn’t going to do it. So we had to turn back from here.

An old axle from some sort of trailer.

The stream that we got stuck in forcing the other Mule to come back and tow us out.

Getting stuck wasn’t the end of the fun. We managed to nurse the vehicle back to the point where we had stopped in the first picture when the front tie rod broke in the vehicle that was working fine. Since the one was only working in one wheel drive it wasn’t towing the other one back so we had to wait for a tow from the station. This misadventure proved that it was a good idea for two vehicles to make a trip out to any remote areas on the island.

I can probably put together one more post from my photos of Attu and I’m sure I will at some point.

Safety Harbor

My Meetup.com group was up in Safety Harbor tonight. I don’t usually go to meet ups on work nights but this sounded like it might be fun. I braved the mud and gnats to get a couple of these shots by going down into the sand since the tide was out.


This first one is from the fountain near the pier we were at. I managed to get the fountain backlit by the setting sun. The way the water jets came out was interesting and unforeseen by me while I was there.


This one of the shots from down in the mud. I warmed the photo up a bit to try and get some interesting colors. The reflections of the cloud in the little bit of standing water there came out quite nice I think.


This last one was also from the mud. but a bit earlier than the previous shot. The sky came out great in my opinion after applying a red filter in Photoshop.

As always you can click on through to see them on Flickr and check out the full size shots. You can also view them on the map in photostream. Thanks!