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Photos from July

Jeez time to play some more catch up on the blog.

Here are my favorite photos I took in July.
Out by Chiniak:



Near Island:
Spit of Land

Blue Sky

Time To Play Catch Up Again

Once again I’ve let the blog languish without updates for way too long (over two months!) So here are some of the photo highlights to get all caught up.

Tessa watching the water splash out at Fossil Beach (May 2nd 2015)

The field by Fossil Beach (May 2nd 2015)

Buskin River (May 10 2015)
River Crossing

Bunker near Fossil Beach (May 25th 2015)
Dandelion Bunker
This was taken three weeks after the ones above. Amazing how quick it turns green around here.

Yellow Anemone (May 30th 2015)
Yellow Anemone

Shooting Star (May 30th 2015)
Shooting Star

There that takes care of the month of May. I’ll put together a couple more updates for June and July.

More Vacation Photos

Here are some more photos from the last week.

This is the beach at the end of the Anton Larsen trail. Tessa and I made the hike and were pretty tired by this point. The whole trail has matting down on it so it is fairly easy to hike but Tessa didn’t like the matting.
The Beach at the End

I had to run into work one day last week and decided to stop off at Buskin Beach after I was done there with my Nikon and the 14mm lens. This is a shot of one of the pools on the beach.
Shoreline Pool

I made a trip up to the top of Pillar Mountain for sunset last week. This was an attempt to get the wind farm in motion while I was taking pictures. I used my neutral density filter and did a multiple exposure HDR merge to get this result.
Sunset on Pillar Mountain

Long Exposures and Auroras

Last week I went out with the tripod and took some long exposure high dynamic range photos up on Anton Larson Road.




That very same night I went and got a shot at the Aurora for the first time. These are my first photos of the Aurora ever:




Still a few more updates to come but I’m almost all caught up.

Foggy Saturday

And another new post for me today.

Saturday morning was quite foggy and a bit wet but Tessa and I braved the mist, huge puddles, and the nasty black Kodiak mud to get out for a short walk. We ended up walking from our apartment on down along Spruce Cape RD for a little ways then turning around. We ended the fun morning trying to get Tessa washed off in the bathtub and get the mud out of her fur. I did of course lug the Nikon around and took some photos.

Civil Preparedness Warning Siren:

Silhouetted Trees:

Foggy Coast:


Carillon Bell Tower

I went to a meetup today for the first time in a long time. We went to the Carillon Center in Clearwater or St. Petersburg. I’m not exactly sure what city it was in.

First shot of the meet up for me. Turned into a well lit shot with great shadows and an awesome sun star.

The tower itself. Went for the nice reflection in the water and toned the sky down some.

Finally a fairly rare bird shot for me. I believe this is a lesser blue heron.

Midweek Update

I reworked a couple of photos I didn’t think I was going to keep. I actually went back to Lightroom and found I can get much the same photo styling that I got out of Capture One. I’m pretty happy with how these came out.

Much like the last ones this was exposed for the sky. I used some of the color corrections in LR to boost the greens and yellows to get the foreground to pop out more.

Here is another one from the same trip. Once again boosted the greens and yellows for this one.

Florida Botanical Gardens Again

I made another trip to the Botanical Gardens with a friend today. I’ve been there quite a few times but it is always different when you are someplace with a friend who is into photography too. Here are a few of my pictures from today.

This purple flower was at the Walsingham gate of the gardens. I took it with my Fujifilm X-Pro1 and the 35mm f/1.4 lens in “Macro” mode. Of course it isn’t a true macro lens but this was probably as close as I could get with it.

In the gardens there are several fountains and this is one of them. I got underneath the top part of it and took this shot. It is processed in Silver Efex and Lightroom 5.3.

This is the last one I took. They still have their Christmas tree up so I got in really close to an ornament with my camera. You can see my reflections in the ornament.

Robinson Preserve

I finally got out and took some pictures after a few week of lethargy. Today’s camera was the Nikon 1 J2 with the 18.5mm f/1.8 lens. I hadn’t used it in a while and figured I’d give it a shot again and see how it would work out for me. I left a little too late to get in on the early morning light but I made do.

This was taken looking down from the second floor of the observation tower at the boardwalk going into it. I processed it in Silver Efex Pro and Lightroom.

Here is the observation tower itself. I tried it out in color and wow the sky turned out way too blue so again I ran it through Silver Efex with the underexposure preset to tone everything down a bit.

And lastly here is a butterfly that I happened to capture. I wish I had a macro lens.