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June Photos

Here are some of the highlights from a busy month of June.

First off here are some photos from Barrow, AK.
Beach Ice

On the Ice

From a hike on the Anton Larsen Loop Trail:
Lone Tree

Chocolate Lily


Pyramid Mountain

Macro photos at Fort Abercrombie:



Catching Up Part 3: Summit Lake

Here is yet another catching up post. For these shots we were on a hike out to Summit Lake here on the island. It was a gorgeous 5 or so mile hike out to the lake. It was cloudy the whole day for the most with the Sun breaking through occasionally but unfortunately not while I was taking photos.

This was my first really long hike with the D610 and the Peak Design sling strap and it performed admirably. No discomfort at all even with the 20-35mm lens on it which weighs a total of around 3.5 pounds.

Here are the photos:
Still Not Spring (D610, Nikkor 20-35mm f/2.8D)

Summit and Sky (D610,Nikkor 20-35mm f/2.8D)

Summit Lake valley (D610, Nikkor 45mm f/2.8P)

Low Clouds (D610, Nikkor 45mm f/2.8P)

Tessa finds a bone (D610, 20-35mm f/2.8D)
DSC_0718 1

That is it for this trip. More catching up to do later.

Swampy Acres

Today was a Sunday hike around the trail called Swampy Acres with some friends and the dogs. It was incredibly beautiful out there just a bit cold and windy. We actually ran into a light flurry on the trail but it was just a few flakes.

I brought the Sony A6000 again with the 18-55mm lens for another try. I have found that getting used to the camera and the post processing has helped the camera really impress me.

Anyway here are the photos:

Barometer Mountain:

These next two are from near an old bunker along the trail.



Lastly here is a shot of Tessa this afternoon sitting in a patch of sun.

Also here is the map of the hike:

Total distance: 4.28 mi
Total Time: 01:51:21

Sony at Fort Abercrombie

Yesterday after work Tessa and I went for a walk around Fort Abercrombie again. I brought the Sony A6000 for some photos figuring I haven’t given it much use since I got my Nikon DSLR. To be honest in the few times I had used it previously I wasn’t too impressed with the results I had gotten from it but after putting in some time and effort into the processing yesterday I think it isn’t too bad.

Looking across Lake Gertrude:

Float in Lake Gertrude:


Overflow Stream:

Foggy Saturday

And another new post for me today.

Saturday morning was quite foggy and a bit wet but Tessa and I braved the mist, huge puddles, and the nasty black Kodiak mud to get out for a short walk. We ended up walking from our apartment on down along Spruce Cape RD for a little ways then turning around. We ended the fun morning trying to get Tessa washed off in the bathtub and get the mud out of her fur. I did of course lug the Nikon around and took some photos.

Civil Preparedness Warning Siren:

Silhouetted Trees:

Foggy Coast:


Post Blizzard Hike

Last weekend we had a pretty nice snowstorm. It was absolutely beautiful here on Sunday and I had a great opportunity to get some nice winter shots. It also gave me an opportunity to test out my latest lens for my D610. I really enjoyed shooting with the new lens and I was surprised how much I liked the 35-105mm focal lengths of the zoom. Well here are the photos. There are quite a few of them.

Lake Gertrude:

Winter Beach:

Pillar Mounatain from afar:

In the Woods:


Tessa in the snow:

I have a ton of macro shots from the A6000 to post at some point too.

Newer Landscapes

Once again it has been a while since my last update. Here are some of my latest photos from out hiking around Kodiak.

The first couple are from off of the Termination Point trail by Monashka Bay with the Sony A6000.


The next couple are from the trail on Kasheveroff Mountain with the A6000.


And these two are from the trail at the end of Anton Larson. This time they were taken with my newest baby the Nikon D610. Yeah I bought a new camera.



I might post some of the dog photos I’ve taken recently as well.

Anton Larson Loop

Tessa and I went for a long hike with our friends and their dogs today. Ended up being around 5.3 miles and Tessa did great the whole time. She hikes better than I do that’s for sure.

The views were absolutely amazing from up there. Definitely worth the effort.


Here is the noble beast herself posing for a photo.

Had to shoot for one black and white shot on the hike.

And as usual here is the track we took:

Total distance: 5.18 mi
Total Time: 03:16:37

Another Climb

Tessa and I just got back from hiking up Old Women’s Mountain again. We went a bit further this time. Out past the flag pole to the higher peak and back. Tessa had a ton of fun and was running back and forth up there. We found a weird pit of sand in one of the saddle backs and she was flying all around in the sand. Definitely worth the effort in the hike.

Tessa getting blown around by the wind up there.

The view from the peak.

Here is the path we took:

Total distance: 4.01 mi
Total Time: 02:22:11

Alaska and Canada Photos

Here are some of my recent photos from my trip up to Kodiak. Its been a long trip and I’m glad to finally be here.

A quick stop at a lake in Canada.

Lighthouse and low clouds taken from the ferry on the way to Haines, AK.

Worthington Glacier near Valdez.

Horsetail Falls near Valdez.

Sunset near Anchorage, AK.

The mountains near Portage Galcier at the Chugach National Forest near Whittier.